Görlywood : The little brother of Hollywood…close to Wroclaw

Görlywood : The little brother of Hollywood…close to Wroclaw

Wes Anderson & The Grand Budapest Hotel   Have you ever heard about Görlywood? If not, this is the little brother of Hollywood just a few seconds beyond the border towards Germany.  You are confused and have no idea why? We will tell you. Görlitz actually is one of the most favourite locations to shoot movies across all genres. Almost every time you will find some film teams and maybe...

Applications that you should have

Applications that you should have

  When living in Wroclaw, there are a couple of applications which make your life in Wroclaw much easier, most of our friends have these apps installed on their phones. So we quickly recommend them to you: Jakdojade Perfect for getting around with public transport in Wroclaw (check also out our blog post on that topic, as buying tram tickets the first time might be tricky!) It has the...


Bistro Charlotte…in Wroclaw

“Years ago I had a taste of France – its culture, lifestyle and, of course, food! French families that I met on my way taught me how to celebrate everyday life. Regardless of the number of duties, there was always time to sit down at the table, eat French specialties, drink I wanted to get some wine and talk. I wanted to transfer this French approach to Poland. Before the Charlotte Bistro was...

Best place to stay in WROCLAW, historical place and very well renovated.

Monopol HOTEL built in 1892

It was built in 1892 in what was then Breslau, Germany, in Art Nouveau/Neo-Baroque style on the site of the graveyard of St Dorothy's Church. The graveyard had been converted into a jail in 1817.  The plot was bought near the end of the 19th century for 600 000 marks by the banker Wallenberg Pachaly and architect Karl Grosser, who built a trade house and hotel in which there were 69...

various aspect of coliving life in Wroclaw

what is coliving in Wroclaw ?

- AFFORDABILITY - WROCLAW has changed since 10 years to become one of the most attractive city in Eastern Europe. Co-living in Wroclaw by MyBoutiqueApart / MBA offers a cheaper alternative from normal accommodations or other large building of expensive co-living. From just 1150 PLN per month (from), you have your own fully equipped room with study space, kitchenette, and plenty of storage. -...

the complete guide for co-living

the complete guide for co-living

What Is Co-Living? Co-living in general isn’t a new idea. To the contrary, the concept of communal living has been around for what feels like forever, in one form or another. Co living entails living with a group of people you don’t necessarily know in shared facilities; it balances between the concept of a collective accommodation and a community. Individuals benefit from a private room, but also...

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