2023 : Wroclaw is The Polish Silicon Valley

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Lower Silesia is reclaiming its crown as the “Polish Silicon Valley

Tech marvels alert!

…boasting a staggering 28 percent of all Polish startups, per the “Polish Startups 2023” report by Startup Poland. Wroclaw and its surroundings are the undisputed champs of innovation, with a thriving ecosystem that’s making waves.

What fuels Lower Silesia’s startup success? It’s a winning combo of economic prowess, flourishing academic hubs, top-notch infrastructure, and strategic proximity to the German border. Mayor Jacek Sutryk is singing Wroclaw’s praises, and we’re surpassing last year’s achievements. The strength of Wroclaw? You – the amazing residents!

Paulina Muszynska, head of Startup Wroclaw, is reveling in success and motivation. It’s not just luck – it’s creative potential, location, and an unbeatable cooperative ecosystem that keeps Lower Silesia on top.

Dive into the “Polish Startups 2023” report for a tech feast. Lower Silesia leads as the “Polish Silicon Valley” for the second time, hosting 28 percent of all startups. AI takes center stage, with 34 percent of startups employing 4 to 10 people, predominantly male. Exciting news on the revenue front – 51 percent are outperforming last year’s earnings.

Here’s to Lower Silesia, the powerhouse of innovation in the startup universe! 🚀📈 #TechTales #StartupMagic


Wroclaw is called ,,Polish Silicon Valley’’ and the best place to set and grow technological companies. There are 300 IT companies that hire 36,000 employees. 52,500 people work for the manufacturing industry, 51,900 are employed in the modern business services sector. Polish and international companies are continuously growing, opening new plants and extend the scope of their business activity. Wroclaw offers over 1,000,000 m2 of a modern office space. It is estimated that 10% of citizens are foreigners. Thousands of them came to Wroclaw to work in international companies.

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