Mövenpick Wroclaw to open in mid-2024

new hotel, cool style

Hold onto your hats, fellow young adventurers in WROCLAW !

…Mövenpick is making waves in Poland, and the Mövenpick Wroclaw is leading the charge as the trendiest Mövenpick gem in the country. Imagine this: right across from the Main Railway Station, it’s not just a hotel – it’s the historic Hotel du Nord, born in 1903 and once the city’s most prestigious spot.

This heritage haven is the first thing you’ll spot when you step out of the main train station, setting the tone for your Wroclaw journey. The revamped Mövenpick Wroclaw will boast 180 rooms and suites, marking Accor’s chic debut in Eastern Europe in 2024. Drumroll, please – the grand opening is slated for mid-2024!

But that’s not all – the Mövenpick Wroclaw isn’t just about cozy beds; it’s a lifestyle. Brace yourself for a fitness center, spa, restaurant, bar, conference room, and even underground parking – because cruising in style matters. And guess what? This is just the beginning. Mövenpick is dropping three more hotspots in Kolobrzeg, Poznan, and Zakopane, turning Poland into a Mövenpick haven.

it’s an architectural spectacle

Jacek Stasikowski, the network development maestro at Accor, spilled the beans on this epic move. This isn’t their first venture in Poland – Mövenpick Wroclaw is the fourth gem they’ve added to the collection. Translation: people adore Mövenpick, and investors are totally on board. According to Stasikowski, Mövenpick Wroclaw isn’t just a hotel; it’s an architectural spectacle. Get ready to bask in a whole new level of luxury and chill vibes in the primo segment – Mövenpick style! 🚀

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