what is coliving in Wroclaw ?


WROCLAW has changed since 10 years to become one of the most attractive city in Eastern Europe. Co-living in Wroclaw by MyBoutiqueApart / MBA offers a cheaper alternative from normal accommodations or other large building of expensive co-living. From just 1150 PLN per month (from), you have your own fully equipped room with study space, kitchenette, and plenty of storage.


With co-living at MyBoutiqueApart RESIDENCE (Renoma, Loft & Curie), you immediately become a part of the small community. That encourages make friends and enjoy the shared benefits of co-living.


The rise of remote working has created a need for accommodation to be more than just a place to sleep. It also needs to offer work and social facilities to fulfil an increasingly decentralised way of life. Our spaces are versatile, aimed at social and professional life, placing our customers at the centre of its operation. The MBA co-living accommodation is always located in the best attractive location to enjoy life, social spaces, parks.

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