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various aspect of coliving life in Wroclaw

what is coliving in Wroclaw ?

- AFFORDABILITY - WROCLAW has changed since 10 years to become one of the most attractive city in Eastern Europe. Co-living in Wroclaw by MyBoutiqueApart / MBA offers a cheaper alternative from normal accommodations or other large building of expensive co-living. From just 1150 PLN per month (from), you have your own fully equipped room with study space, kitchenette, and plenty of storage. -...

the complete guide for co-living

What Is Co-Living? Co-living in general isn’t a new idea. To the contrary, the concept of communal living has been around for what feels like forever, in one form or another. Co living entails living with a group of people you don’t necessarily know in shared facilities; it balances between the concept of a collective accommodation and a community. Individuals benefit from a private room, but also...

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