Smartphone Applications that you should have


When living in Wroclaw, there are a couple of applications which make your life in Wroclaw much easier, most of our friends have these apps installed on their phones.

So we quickly recommend them to you:

  • Jakdojade
    • Perfect for getting around with public transport in Wroclaw (check also out our blog post on that topic, as buying tram tickets the first time might be tricky!)
    • It has the latest schedules, makes it easy to navigate from A to B and most of the times even real time information from busses and trams – a true must have app in Wroclaw!
    • But: No, at this point you are not able to buy the tickets with that application, it is purely to find out how to get around in the best possible way with public transport.
  • Koleo
    • Want to go outside of Wroclaw? With Koleo you are able to purchase regional train tickets online, the best way to explore Lower Silesia.
    • Check out on our next posts the best recommendations for amazing day trips from Wroclaw (and see where Wes Anderson has shot The Grand Budapest Hotel)…Most of them are within reach of regional trains!
  • Embargo
    • With this application you can collect loyalty points in many venues in Wroclaw, not only cafés but also restaurants and more – highly recommended, we use it ourselves all the time since it started in Wroclaw!
    • Check out on our next posts the cafés in Wroclaw
  • OLX
    • You want to buy or sell something in your neighbourhood? OLX is sort of the Polish version from Craigslist or local eBay listings. You can find apartments, clothes, cars, pretty much everything. But be aware – never pay anything upfront, of course there are also some scammers around….
  • Pyszne
    • Who does not know that feeling? It is Sunday evening and the fridge is empty… To order food in Wroclaw to your home, there are plenty of options like Uber Eats, Wolt, Glovo, but we would mostly recommend Pyszne to you (in other countries known as Lieferando, and your accounts already created in other countries actually work seamless in Poland as well).
    • We recommend you a good translation app in case you do not speak Polish yet – in our experience DEEPL provides much better results than Google Translate when it comes to Polish, keep that in mind.
  • Urbancard
    • With that application you will be able to buy tram tickets, however the process of buying them contactless on the tram is something we find more comfortable, check out the details for that in our guide to public transport in Wroclaw here. We still include it at some people might prefer this app 
  • WRM
    • You don‘t have your own bike? Join the City Bike rental system in Wroclaw with the WRM app.,

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